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Wine from the Region of Armenia

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Armenian wines contain a piece of the generous sun. They are made according to modern technologies, which are in harmony with ancient traditions. Red and white wines are very bright with a rich and deep bouquet, in which notes of sweet fruits, chocolate, spices, coffee, oak, hints of flowers and citrus are felt. Particularly popular are the local varieties Areni, Kangun, Voskeat, Tozot, Movuz, Hndokhni, and Akhtanat. A special group of wines from Armenia are the original fruit wines of raspberry, pomegranate, and peach with notes of honey and light spices. The best gastronomic combinations are kebab, cufta, cold meat snacks, brine cheese heads and slightly smoked pigtails.
Excellent Armenian wine, which harmoniously combines national traditions and the latest technology. The assortment includes several dozens of positions. Each of them is characterized by a long aftertaste, a pleasant aroma, a beautiful hue. When you consume them, you can feel the refreshing notes. The line is represented by semi-sweet, dry and semi-dry drinks. The harvest is gathered in the Armenian village of Sasunk. The total area of vineyards exceeds 5 000 sq. m. The wines are quite popular in Bulgaria, Russia, Canada, America and the Baltic countries.