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Wine Vina Alabacos Viura Rioja 2013

Wine Vina Alabacos Viura Rioja 2013


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Vina Alabacos Viura Rioja 2013

Vina Alabacos Viura Rioja 2013 is a white dry wine produced in the Rioja region of Spain from the Viura grape. This wine has a pale straw color with a floral aroma and hints of citrus and pear on the palate. It is known for its crisp and refreshing character and moderate acidity.
This wine pairs well with seafood, salads, and lighter dishes, making it a popular choice for summer dining. It is often served chilled and makes a great aperitif.
Vina Alabacos Viura Rioja is predominantly produced in Spain, as it is a wine that is uniquely tied to the region's winemaking traditions and terroir. It is especially popular in the Rioja region itself, as well as in other parts of Spain, but can also be found in some international markets.