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Wine Sophenia Altosur Malbec

Wine Sophenia Altosur Malbec


  • Gary's Wine & Marketplace
  • NJ, Wayne
  • Saratoga Wine Exchange
  • NY, Wayne
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$12.99 Gary's Wine & Marketplace

  • Finca Sophenia 'Altosur' Malbec Gualtallary
  • NJ, Wayne

$13.94 Saratoga Wine Exchange

  • Finca Sophenia Malbec Altosur, Argentina, Cuyo, Mendoza, Tupungato
  • NY, Ballston Lake

$13.99 Schneiders of Capitol Hill

  • Finca Sophenia Malbec Altosur Gualtallary
  • DC, Washington

$155.28 Saratoga Wine Exchange

  • Finca Sophenia Malbec Altosur, Argentina, Cuyo, Mendoza, Tupungato
  • NY, Ballston Lake

Sophenia Altosur Malbec

What is Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine?

Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine is a premium red wine from Argentina. It is made from 100% Malbec grapes that are handpicked from the vineyards in Tupungato, located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Where is Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine From?

Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine is from Argentina’s Mendoza region which is renowned for its high-quality Malbec vineyards.

How Is Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine Made?

The winemakers carefully cultivate the grapes using sustainable and organic practices. After handpicking, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks and left to age in French oak barrels for eight months. This process ensures that the wine remains true to its terroir, with concentrated aromas and flavors.

What to Expect in Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine?

Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine is known for its bold and intense characteristics. When poured, expect to see a deep red color with violet hues. The aromas are complex, consisting of dark fruit like blackberries, plums, and blueberries, with hints of vanilla, chocolate, and spices. The wine has a smooth texture with a lingering finish.

What Does Sophenia Altosur Malbec taste like?

Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine is known for a rich taste that is often characterized by a mix of dark fruit flavors, including blackberries, plums, and blueberries. It has a smooth mouthfeel and a subtle tannic structure that makes it easy to drink. The oak aging imparts a delicate hint of vanilla and chocolate, making it a delicious and well-rounded wine.

What Food Does Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine Pair With?

Due to its rich and robust flavor, Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine pairs well with a variety of hearty meals including grilled meats, red sauces, and stews. It’s also great with bold cheeses like blue and gorgonzola.

How Should I Serve Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine?

It’s recommended to serve Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine at a temperature between 17 and 18°C (63-64°F) to bring out the wine's bold flavors. You can also decant it to allow it to breathe and unleash its aromas and flavors.

What Kind of Wine is Sophenia Altosur Malbec?

Sophenia Altosur Malbec is a premium red wine. It is a perfect representation of the Argentine Malbec and is ideal for wine enthusiasts who are looking for a high-end wine tasting experience. So if you’re looking to buy premium wine online, make sure to try Sophenia Altosur Malbec Wine. Its unique and rich flavors are sure to please your palate, and it’s a testament to the quality that Argentina's winemakers can produce.