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Wine Sato Foros Kaberne

Wine Sato Foros Kaberne


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Sato Foros Kaberne

Chateau Foros Cabernet is a dry red wine produced in the region of Crimea from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This wine has a deep ruby color and a rich, complex aroma of blackcurrant, blackberry, and spices. It is well-balanced and full-bodied with a long, smooth finish.
Chateau Foros Cabernet pairs well with roasted meats, especially beef and lamb, as well as hearty stews and casseroles. It can also be enjoyed with aged cheeses and dark chocolate.
Chateau Foros Cabernet is primarily produced in the country of Ukraine, where it has gained a reputation as one of the finest wines of the region. It is also available in select international markets, including Russia and some European countries.