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Wine Pheasants Tears Tavkveri

Wine Pheasants Tears Tavkveri


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  • Pheasant's Tears - Tavkveri 2019 (750ml)
  • NY, New York

Pheasants Tears Tavkveri

Wines come in different flavors and tastes, and Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine stands out in the world of wines as unique and unmatched. This wine is produced by the renowned Pheasant's Tears Winery based in the Republic of Georgia. The winery has been recognized by wine enthusiasts for their commitment to producing wines from indigenous grapes using natural winemaking techniques.

What is Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine?

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine is a red wine made from the Tavkveri grape variety found in the Republic of Georgia. The grapes are grown using traditional methods in the vineyards located in the Kakheti region of Georgia. The wine is then fermented naturally in clay vessels and aged for a minimum of six months in oak barrels, resulting in its unique taste.

Where is Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine from?

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine is from the Republic of Georgia, a country known for its ancient wine-making traditions. The wine is produced by the Pheasant's Tears winery, which has been making wine for over a decade, specializing in natural winemaking from indigenous grape varieties.

What to expect in Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine?

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine is a medium-bodied wine with aromas of red and black fruits, including cherry, raspberry, and blackberry. The wine has a spicy finish, with hints of pepper and a slight tannic structure. The wine has a unique character due to its natural winemaking process, making it an unusual but delightful wine to experience.

What Food does Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine Pair With?

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine pairs well with roasted meats, especially lamb, pork, or beef. This wine also complements spicy and savory dishes such as stews and curries. Its spicy finish balances the flavors of the bold dishes, making it a perfect match for an enjoyable meal.

How should I serve Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine?

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine should be served at room temperature (around 18°C) to fully experience its flavors and aromas. This wine is best served in large wine glasses, allowing air to circulate and release the wine's full potential. Decanting is also recommended, as it helps to aerate and soften the wine.

What kind of wine is Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri?

Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine is a natural and organic wine produced from indigenous grapes. The wine is fermented naturally, free from any additives, resulting in a unique taste and character. It is a wine that embodies the winemaking traditions of the Republic of Georgia.

Buy Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine Online

You can now purchase Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine online from leading wine retailers. You can explore different options and choose the one that suits your preference. With its unique taste and natural production methods, Pheasant's Tears Tavkveri Wine is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts looking for something unusual and extraordinary.