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Wine Domaine De La Touraize Savagnin Arbois

Wine Domaine De La Touraize Savagnin Arbois


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Domaine De La Touraize Savagnin Arbois

Domaine de la Touraize Savagnin Arbois is an orange dry wine produced in the Jura region of France, made from the Savagnin grape. This wine is unique in that it is aged for an extended period of time in oak barrels without topping off, allowing a layer of yeast to form on the surface, which imparts a distinct nutty and oxidized flavor to the wine. The result is a complex and full-bodied wine with notes of hazelnuts, apples, and honey, with a hint of salinity. This wine is best served with rich and flavorful dishes such as roasted poultry, game meats, and aged cheeses. It is often produced in France, particularly in the Jura region, but is also gaining popularity in other parts of the world.