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Wine Cotnar Zaka Cabernet Soft Pack

Wine Cotnar Zaka Cabernet Soft Pack


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Cotnar Zaka Cabernet Soft Pack

Cotnar Zaka Cabernet is a dry red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the Zakarpattia region of Ukraine. This wine has a rich and fruity flavor with hints of black currant and a subtle smokiness. It has a smooth and velvety texture and a long finish.
Cotnar Zaka Cabernet is an excellent choice to pair with red meats, especially lamb or beef, and hard cheeses. Its bold flavor and full body also make it a great wine to enjoy on its own or with friends.
Cotnar Zaka Cabernet is primarily produced and consumed in Ukraine, with the Zakarpattia region being one of the main wine-producing regions in the country. However, the wine is also available in select international markets, particularly in neighboring countries like Poland, Hungary, and Romania.