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Wine Aljibes Tinto 2004

Wine Aljibes Tinto 2004


  • Marty's Fine Wines- Newton
  • MA, Newton
  • Wine Empire
  • MA, Newton
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$10.97 Marty's Fine Wines- Newton

  • Aljibes Cab Merlot Cabernet Franc Blend, 750ml
  • MA, Newton

$14.99 Wine Empire

  • Aljibes Cab Merlot Cabernet Franc Blend, Spain, 750ml
  • MA, Ashland

$15.99 Luekens Wine & Spirits

  • Aljibes Red Wine Blend A 750ml, La Mancha
  • FL, Dunedin

Aljibes Tinto 2004

The wine finishes with a long-lasting and harmonious aftertaste.

What Food Does Aljibes Tinto 2004 Wine Pair With?

Pair this robust wine with grilled meats, hearty stews, and strong-flavored cheeses.

How should I serve Aljibes Tinto 2004 wine?

Aljibes Tinto 2004 Wine should be served at a temperature between 16°C and 18°C to enjoy its full aroma and taste.

What kind of wine is Aljibes Tinto 2004?

Aljibes Tinto 2004 Wine is a full-bodied, rich, and complex Spanish red wine.

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