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Vranac Grape Wine

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Bovin Vranec
from $17.99
Plantaze Vranac
from $8.99
Stobi Vranec
from $10.45
Stobi Rose
from $14.16
Plantaze Cabernet
from $9.99
Tikves Vranec
from $9.99

Vranac Wine: Full-Bodied and Perfect for Meat Dishes

The Vranac grape variety is grown throughout the Balkans, producing red dry and semi-dry wines with the same name. However, the best-tasting samples are offered by Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. What makes Vranac wine different is its tartness with prominent notes of berries, chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, and spices in the bouquet. The taste is full-bodied and mineral with a long silky trail, featuring hints of dried fruits. People love Vranac wine for its perfect gastronomic match with hearty meat dishes such as rolls, goulash, casseroles, pasta, hot salads, stews, and homemade savory pastries.

What people love about Vranac wine:

  • The tartness with notes of berries, chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, and spices in the bouquet
  • Full-bodied and mineral taste with a long silky trail
  • Perfect gastronomic match for hearty meat dishes and savory pastries
  • The tradition of wine making in Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia
  • The reasonable price point for such a high-quality wine
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