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Wine from the Victoria Region

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From The Victoria Region Wine - A Rhone Valley Tradition

The Victoria wine is made in the best traditions of the Rhone Valley, with the blend based on autochthonous grape varieties. The raw material is hand-picked and carefully sorted to use only the best berries in production. The brand uses whole grapes to preserve flavor and sugar. Fermentation is done naturally, but cultured strains of yeast are added to finish and achieve the desired strength. The finished drink is aged for 15 months in oak barriques. Gourmets enjoy the deep, fresh, and elegant flavor of this wine. It is available far beyond the region where the vine grows, and in many countries around the world. Each year, the assortment expands, increasing the opportunity to choose the ideal variant. The price is affordable, and you can order a bottle or two on our service.

Here are the tasting characteristics of the drink:
  • Color: Deep red
  • Aroma: Fruity and floral undertones with a hint of oak
  • Taste: Complex and elegant with notes of blackcurrant, plum, and spice
  • Strength: 14-15%

To accentuate the pleasant taste of the wine, it is important to choose the right appetizer. It pairs well with the following foods:
  • Roasted or grilled meat dishes (steak, lamb chops, etc.)
  • Hard and aged cheeses
  • Vegetable dishes (roasted root vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, etc.)
  • Chocolate desserts
You can easily order a bottle or two of From The Victoria Region Wine on our website. Prices are affordable, and the selection is constantly expanding, giving you the opportunity to choose the perfect vintage.