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Wine from the Veronese Region

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Veronese Wine: A Beautiful Representation of Italian Wines

Veronese wine is made from various grape varieties, some of which are native to the Veneto region, such as Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara. These grapes are known for their rich fruit flavors, with notes of cherry, plum, and currant. The winemaking process typically involves a combination of traditional and modern techniques, such as using stainless steel tanks for fermentation and oak barrels for aging. The result is a wine that is balanced, aromatic, and full of flavor.

Veronese wine is a full-bodied wine with medium acidity and moderate tannins. The particular grape varieties used will determine the precise flavor profile, but you can expect notes of fruit, spice, and sometimes a subtle hint of bitterness. Veronese wine pairs well with a range of dishes, from rich meats like beef and lamb, to lighter fare such as seafood and pasta. It is a perfect match for Italian cuisine.

Veronese wines can be either sweet or dry, depending on the type of grape used and the winemaking process. Some Veronese wines will have a residual sugar content, while others will not. In terms of serving temperature, Veronese wines are best served at 16-18°C for reds, and 8-10°C for whites and rosés.

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