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Tokay Wine To Harshlevelu

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Tokay Harshlevelu Wine

Tokay Harshlevelu wine has a bright and elegant flavor. It is made from raisined grapes that are used to make a dry wine. The remaining grapes are made into a paste and added to the dry wine in optimal proportions. The wine is then aged for three years and prematurely fermented in a cold cellar.
  • The wine is balanced and complex
  • It has a juicy flavor of dried fruit and citrus
  • There are notes of citrus fruit in the lingering aftertaste
  • The aroma is attractive with vanilla and floral nuances
  • The drink is full-bodied with apricot tones
It is refreshing and recommended to be served at the beginning of a meal. Its qualities are revealed under cheeses, olives, desserts, and fresh fruit.