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Shumi Wine

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Discover Shumi Wine From the Traditional Winemaking Country of Georgia

Shumi is a type of red wine that originates from the Kakheti region of Georgia. The wine is made from medium-sized grapes that are selectively hand-harvested and carefully crafted by traditional Georgian winemaking techniques. Shumi grapes are known for their thick blue-black skin, giving the wine its bold and rich flavor and aroma.

When you taste Shumi wine, you can expect to experience a complex blend of flavors, including dark fruit, spice, and earthy undertones. Shumi wine is neither too sweet nor too dry, making it a versatile wine that can be enjoyed by a wide range of wine drinkers.

Shumi wine pairs perfectly with grilled meats, rich stews, and hearty pasta dishes. It is recommended to chill Shumi wine slightly before serving to enhance its flavor and enjoyment. A bottle of Shumi wine typically contains around 13% alcohol by volume.

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