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Settesoli Wine

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Settesoli Wine: A Guide to Its Characteristics, Production, and Pairing

Are you a wine lover looking to explore different types of wine? Look no further than Settesoli wine, produced by the Settesoli cooperative in southwestern Sicily, Italy. Established in 1958, the cooperative is the largest wine producer in Sicily and prides itself on producing wine using modern and sustainable techniques.

Settesoli wine is made from various grape varieties grown in the southwestern region of Sicily. The wine is known for its intense aroma, full body, and balanced acidity. To be called a Settesoli wine, the blend must contain a minimum of 85% grapes from the region and meet other quality standards set by the cooperative.

The Settesoli grapes are grown in a hot, dry climate and on various soil types, giving them their unique flavor. The grapes are known for their intense aroma, full body, and balanced acidity, making Settesoli wine a popular choice among wine lovers.

Settesoli wine is produced using modern winemaking techniques, with a focus on sustainability and preserving the natural character of the grapes. The grapes are harvested by hand, and the fermentation process takes place in stainless steel tanks with temperature control.

Settesoli wine offers a unique taste that is both elegant and fruity. The wine pairs well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, pizza, pasta, cheese, and seafood. Settesoli wine is mostly dry, but there are also semi-sweet and sweet versions of the wine, depending on the grape variety used.

Settesoli wine should be served chilled, between 9°C to 13°C, depending on the grape variety. If you prefer a warmer wine, let the wine breathe for a few minutes before serving. The alcohol percentage for Settesoli wine varies between 12.5% to 14%, depending on the wine type.

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