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Saperavi Grape Wine

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Saperavi grape wine

Saperavi is a grape variety that is used to make the same name wine of various brands. It grows mainly in Georgia. Although now it is grown in other countries: Armenia, Moldova and Russia. Wine from Saperavi grape has a dark color and rich flavor. It is the most ancient variety, which appeared presumably in the 12th century.

This grape variety is distinguished by its bright color. Its name translates as "dyeing". It is a rare grape with both skin and flesh. Its ripening period lasts from mid-September to the end of October. Only weather conditions may alter the harvesting schedule: in the case of a warm summer, harvesting may begin earlier.
Saperavi grapes are mainly used to produce dry and semi-dry varieties. Making wine from this grape variety is a very interesting process. It is made with special containers: in Georgia they are called kveri. These are clay jugs, where they take the beverage and then bury it in the ground. This is where the fermentation process takes place. Then the wine is aged in barrels.

Saperavi grapes are used to make red wine with varying sugar content. Wines made from these grapes have a deep color. Hues may vary, but these are all dark variations. Saperavi wines are tart, a little astringent, have their own strength, a bitter aftertaste and a slight acidity. The main flavor components are berry. Herbal and spicy notes can also be traced.
Also the taste depends on the year of harvest. It is not typical for Georgian wines to age for more than 10-12 years. Aged wines have a richer flavor. Young wines are lighter in texture.
There are clear woody notes in the aroma. This is due to the production process and storage in oak barrels. Also Saperavi wine has a delicate fruity aroma, as well as undertones of spices - thyme, pepper. Berry combinations are not uncommon in the aroma - plum, cherry, black chokeberry.

Like any other wine, Saperavi wine needs to be served properly. It is worth respecting the temperature: the wine should be served chilled - from 10 to 13 degrees. It is better to open the bottle just before serving.
A young wine is the perfect accompaniment to dinner: it is best served in conjunction with appetizers:
  • hard cheeses;
  • deli meats;
  • Vegetable Slices;
  • greens and olives.
В качестве горячих блюд можно подобрать к такому напитку стейки из красного мяса, продукты на гриле. Идеально сочетаются с красным вином пряные блюда – с ярко выраженным вкусом. Десерты тоже отлично подойдут к молодым винам.
If the wine is aged (more than 5 years), it is recommended to drink it before or after dinner, without overpowering the taste of the drink with food.
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