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Saperavi Grape Wine

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Saperavi Grape Wine

Saperavi is a grape variety used to produce various brands of wine with the same name, mostly grown in Georgia but also in other countries like Armenia, Moldova, and Russia. Saperavi wines are known for their dark color and rich flavor. It is the most ancient variety, dating back to the 12th century.

Saperavi is a unique grape variety with both skin and flesh, which results in its bright color. The ripening period is usually from mid-September to the end of October. The wine is produced in special containers called kveri, which are clay jugs buried in the ground for fermentation. The wine is then aged in barrels.

Saperavi grapes are used to make red wine with varying sugar content. Saperavi wines have a deep and dark color, with tartness, astringency, bitterness, and a slight acidity. The main flavor components are berry, with herbal and spicy notes. The aroma has woody notes due to the production process and storage in oak barrels. It also has fruity undertones with spices like thyme and pepper. Berry combinations such as plum, cherry, and black chokeberry are not uncommon in the aroma.

Saperavi wine should be served chilled at a temperature of 10-13 degrees. Young Saperavi wines pair well with appetizers like hard cheeses, deli meats, vegetable slices, greens, and olives. Aged wines (more than 5 years) are best enjoyed before or after dinner without overpowering the taste of the drink with food.

  • Saperavi wine is an ancient and unique variety dating back to the 12th century.
  • It has a dark color and rich flavor with berry, herbal, and spicy notes.
  • The wine is made in special containers buried in the ground for fermentation and aged in barrels.
  • Young Saperavi wines pair well with appetizers, while aged wines are best enjoyed before or after dinner.
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