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Rkatsiteli Wine

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Rkatsiteli wine - an ancient drink of Georgia

Rkatsiteli Wine is a Georgian white dry wine, which is made for a long time from the grape of the same name. The drink has a good level of acidity, a pleasant refreshing taste and memorable aroma. One of the most famous Georgian wines in the world.

Georgian wine production is famous for its connection to traditional winemaking. Most producers still maintain and use the ancient way of making wine - in special clay jugs. Such containers are called kvevri. They are partially buried in the ground, where the entire fermentation process takes place. The hereditary Georgian winemakers preserve this technology, considering it the only possible way to make a quality drink.After one month of fermentation, the Rkatsiteli wine is poured into oak barrels, where it is aged for several years. Every three months it is poured into a new container. It is then bottled.The Rkatsiteli variety grows in eastern Georgia, namely in Kakheti (although other countries have now started to grow it as well). The grapes take a long time to ripen. It is harvested in October. The variety is frost-resistant and unpretentious in care. The berries have a sour-sweet taste.

It is important to chill the Rkatsiteli wine to 8-10 degrees to reveal its flavor. This is the temperature at which Rkatsiteli wines can be tasted most fully.The drink has a very bright and intense flavor that is difficult to mistake with anything else. It is based on grassy and citrus notes. Additional flavor nuances: flowers, wild berries, vanilla, sweet tobacco.The taste is refreshing, spicy and full-bodied. There is a tart acidity in the drink. Green apple, pear, yellow fruit, citrus, green pepper, melon, forest berries are felt. The drink has a long aftertaste, which must be felt.The color of the wine varies from pale sandy to rich golden. The strength of the drink is 10-14%. The sugar content is up to 4g per liter.

On a summer day, it is a refreshing sip in the middle of a sweltering day. Rkatsiteli wine should be served in a tulip-shaped glass, so that the unique aroma of the drink is preserved during the tasting. The wine goes well with gastronomy.In order not to overpower the incredible flavor of the wine you should choose the right dishes:
  • poultry meat: chicken, turkey;
  • light vegetable snacks;
  • seafood: shrimp, squid, mussels;
  • lean fish;
  • grilled vegetables;
  • light desserts - fruit salad, cheesecakes, cookies, etc.
It is not recommended to serve fatty dishes with white dry Rkatsiteli: they will suppress the taste and aroma of the drink itself. For a more competent tasting, it is worth taking this fact into account.To order the right version of wine from trusted brands, visit the catalog on our website. The most honest prices, pleasant service and a wide range of drinks. Buying a product is easy: go to the right store, add the selected product to the cart and place your order.