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Sweet Red Wine - A Classic for Connoisseurs

Sweet red wine holds a special place among alcoholic beverages in many countries. It has a high sugar content of around 50g/l and an alcohol content between 15-17%. This classic drink is known for its health benefits, which include a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. You can purchase red sweet wine from top brands through the Vi.Wine service.

Various methods are used to increase the sugar concentration in sweet red wine. The sweetness of the wine is determined by the type of grapes used, with high sugar content varieties like Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, and Tinta Negro being commonly used. The following are the unique production methods of red sweet wine:
  • Fermentation is stopped before all the sugar is converted into alcohol.
  • Fruits are sun-dried, which reduces the moisture content and increases the sugar concentration.
  • Infestation with the health-safe fungus "botrytis cinerea" is required to increase sugar concentration.
  • Fermentation is stopped by cooling until the sugar is converted into alcohol, particularly for dessert wines with low alcohol content.
  • Sugar concentration is increased by subfreezing fruits harvested after frost to make them slightly subfreezing.
  • Sediments are removed by cold stabilization before bottling by keeping the drink below zero degrees Celsius.

The red sweet wine has the following tasting characteristics:
  • Color - varies from light red to bright burgundy.
  • Aroma - a fruity-berry note, influenced by the variety of berries used.
  • Taste/Flavor - has a bright, memorable taste, and opens up the whole palette of berries, with a long aftertaste.
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Sweet red wines are usually served in wide Bordeaux glasses to enhance the fruity taste and soften the possible harshness of the tannins. Syrah glasses with a narrow edge are also popular, as they enhance the sweetness and soften the alcoholic flavor. Slightly shaking the drink before consuming it allows you to experience its full aroma. Sweet red wine pairs well with sweet fruits such as peaches and melons, as well as desserts like ice cream, biscuits, and meringues.