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Parusso Wine

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Parusso Wine: A Delicious and Artisanal Italian Wine

Produced by Armando Parusso, a fifth-generation winemaker in Piedmont, Italy, Parusso Wine is a classic Italian wine that follows sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming principles. These practices promote the richness and quality of the wine's flavor and aroma profile.

Parusso Wine uses Nebbiolo grapes, integral in making celebrated Barolo and Barbaresco wines in Piedmont, to attain a robust and deep taste. The wine is characterized by an exceptional balance between flavors and aromas of dark berries, cherry, leather, and tobacco.

Parusso Wine-making is unique and artisanal, with grapes being hand-harvested, sorted, and fermented for over three weeks in stainless steel vats before aged for 24 months in oak barrels. This process leads to a complex flavor and aroma profile.

The Parusso Wine is a versatile wine suitable for pairing with savory meat dishes like roast lamb, grilled steak, and hearty pasta dishes. It also pairs well with cheese platters with aged gouda, parmesan, or pecorino. To bring out the full flavors of Parusso Wine, decant the wine for an hour and serve it slightly chilled or at room temperature.

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