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Nino Negri Wine

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Nino Negri - A Premium Red Wine from the Valtellina Region

This Italian wine comes from the picturesque Valtellina region in northern Italy. Nino Negri is a premium red wine that boasts of a rich history and robust flavor profile. It is made using the Nebbiolo grapes, one of the most revered grape varieties in the world. The characteristics of this grape variety include high acidity, tannin, and flavor that evolves over time.

Nino Negri is known for its ability to age excellently, developing more depth and complexity over the years. The winery's commitment to producing a high-quality, premium wine using the best grapes, traditional winemaking techniques, and modern technology is what makes a wine a Nino Negri.

The Nino Negri wine is a full-bodied wine with a complex profile. It has a dark, ruby color and an intense aroma of dark fruits, spices, and herbs. The wine finishes with a long, lingering aftertaste that leaves a pleasant sensation in your mouth. Nino Negri wine pairs well with rich, hearty dishes like roasted meats, stews, and hard cheeses.

It is a dry wine that has a moderate alcohol content ranging between 12.5% to 14%. You can enjoy Nino Negri wine at room temperature or slightly chilled. It is recommended to serve this wine in a large, round, and wide-mouthed glass to allow the aroma and flavor to develop fully.

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