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Wine from the Greco Di Tufo Region

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Greco Di Tufo Wine: A Taste of Italy's Best

Greco Di Tufo wine is a high-quality Italian product with an intense and persistent aroma featuring fruity notes. Its distinct taste is characterized by a strong acidity and minerality, which are typical of the Tufo-grown vines. Additionally, this wine has subtle balsamic nuances that add a unique touch to its flavor profile. This Italian gem is best served with seafood, cheeses, and white meats and should be consumed chilled to a temperature of 12 degrees to fully appreciate its unique taste and aroma.

What Makes Greco Di Tufo Wine Unique

  • The intense and persistent aroma with fruity notes
  • The strong acidity and minerality typical of Tufo-grown vines
  • The subtle balsamic nuances that add a unique touch to its flavor profile
  • The use of vines grown on chalky and volcanic soil near Naples
  • The fermentation procedure carried out in stainless steel tanks
  • The aging process with its own yeast
  • The strength of the wine is 12%
Greco Di Tufo wine is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique taste of Italy's best. With its distinct aroma and flavor profile, it's no wonder that it has become a popular choice among wine enthusiasts worldwide.