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Wine Faustino Faustino V

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The Spanish region of Rioja is the most suitable for the cultivation of vineyards. It is here that the harvest is harvested, from which Faustino Faustino V wine is made. It has a pleasant and quite delicate taste. The experts also emphasize its pleasant aroma and lingering aftertaste. Tempranillo and Viura are the varieties most often used. The wine has a medium strength of 12-14%. It is recommended to serve slightly chilled. It is good enough as an aperitif.

The Faustino Faustino VII wine belongs to the premium drinks. Its own vineyards have allowed the Faustino family to combine tradition with innovation, which has improved its quality and population. Its excellent balance and long aging in American oak barrels make it ideal for consumption as an aperitif. It is also suitable for use as a standalone alcoholic beverage. The wine has a pleasant and tart taste with floral notes. The bouquet reveals itself better on the lingering aftertaste. The richness and nobility of the drink is confirmed by a balanced and elegant taste with fresh fruits and berries. This is a Spanish wine from the Rioja Alavesa region.