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Wine from the Côte D'or Region

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Côte D'or Wine: Characteristics, Production, And Perfect Pairings

Are you in search of a premium wine for your dinnertime pairing with your loved ones? Consider trying Côte D'or wine, a French wine region producing the finest wines in the world. If you enjoy tannic and full-bodied red wines, Côte D'or wine will satisfy your tastebuds.

Côte D'or wine is made from Pinot Noir grapes and has a fruity flavor. It is defined by its full-body texture and noticeable tannins. You can expect notes of cherry and blackcurrant, along with a subtle earthy aroma.

Côte D'or wine is produced in the Burgundy region, a location known for producing some of the world's greatest wines. The wineries in Côte D'or are cultivating the best Pinot Noir grapes to make this wine. The grapes are harvested, destemmed, and fermented for two weeks, then stored in oak barrels to mature for some time.

This wine's tannic and full-bodied nature pairs exceptionally well with hearty meals like roasted lamb or beef, mushroom risotto or garlic butter pasta. If you have a sweet tooth, consider pairing it with a slice of sweet chocolate cake, which perfectly complements the wine's complex flavor notes.

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Côte D'or wine should be served at room temperature, ideally between 60-65°F. Avoid chilling the wine as it can affect the flavor and texture.

A bottle of Côte D'or contains around 13.5% alcohol level, similar to most Pinot Noir wines.


With its full body and earthy aroma, Côte D'or is the perfect choice for wine enthusiasts. At Vi.Wine Marketplace, we offer a variety of Côte D'or wines, and we encourage you to choose the one that suits your taste. Order your Côte D'or wine online today and enjoy a premium wine experience.