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Cantine Bigi Wine

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Cantine Bigi Wine: The Refreshing Taste of Umbria

Cantine Bigi wine is a beloved brand known for its delicate texture and fresh flavors. The grapes, including Procanico Bianco, Grechetto, and Trebbiano Toscana, are carefully selected and undergo maceration and fermentation for a few days before aging in oak barrels to enhance the depth of flavors.

Pouring a glass of Cantine Bigi wine, you can expect to taste notes of citrus, honeysuckle, and peach, with a hint of minerality. The wine has a refreshing acidity balanced by a smooth mouthfeel, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a crisp, clean taste.

Cantine Bigi wine pairs perfectly with light, flavorful dishes such as seafood, grilled vegetables, and pasta with creamy sauces. It's best to serve Cantine Bigi chilled, refrigerate it for a few hours before opening.

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