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Bodega La Rural Wine

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Bodega La Rural Wine: Blended to Perfection

Bodega La Rural wine is a blend of various grapes that are grown in Mendoza, Argentina. The winery was founded in 1885 by Felipe Rutini and is currently managed by the Rutini family. Bodega La Rural wine is known for its unique characteristics and distinct taste, making it a favorite among wine lovers.

The grapes grown at Bodega La Rural have characteristics such as intense color, rich aromas, and high tannin levels. These features are a result of the climate, soil, and altitude of the region where they are grown.

The winemakers at Bodega La Rural use traditional winemaking techniques, along with modern technology, to create their wines. The grapes are sorted, fermented, and then aged in oak barrels to provide the wine with additional complexity and depth.

If you are looking to try Bodega La Rural wine, you can expect a well-balanced and full-bodied taste with intense aromas of black fruit, chocolate, and vanilla. The wine also has a long finish, which makes it perfect for aging.

Bodega La Rural wine pairs well with various dishes such as grilled meats, stews, and pasta. It complements the flavors of the food and enhances the dining experience.

Bodega La Rural wine is served chilled at 16-18°C to enhance the aroma and taste of the wine. A bottle of Bodega La Rural usually has an alcohol content of around 14% to 15%.

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In conclusion, Bodega La Rural wine is a fantastic choice for wine lovers who want to explore the world of Argentinian wines. Its unique characteristics, well-balanced taste, and food pairing options make it a perfect choice for any occasion. So don't hesitate, buy Bodega La Rural wine online today and experience the magic that it has to offer!