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Bacalhoa Wine

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Bacalhoa Wine: A Unique Flavor Profile

Bacalhoa wine is a highly sought-after wine that is made from Bacalhoa grapes, which are known for their unique flavor profile. This wine comes from the Setubal Peninsula of Portugal and is made using a rigorous winemaking process. In this article, we will explore the taste characteristics of Bacalhoa wine, its food pairing options, serving recommendations, and where to purchase this exceptional wine.

Characteristics of Bacalhoa grapes include a medium-sized berry with a thick skin, a high natural acidity, and moderate tannins. This unique flavor profile offers a taste that ranges from fruity to herbal and earthy. Bacalhoa wine has a medium to full body with rich flavors of raspberry, cherry, black pepper, and thyme. This wine is known for its smooth finish and balanced acidity.

Bacalhoa wine pairs well with beef, lamb, pork, or game. It also pairs well with mature cheeses, tomato-based dishes, or chocolate desserts.

Bacalhoa wine should be served chilled between 16-18°C to fully showcase its taste profile.

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