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Wine from the Alsace Region

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Discover the Unique Flavors of Alsace Wine

The province of Alsace, located in the north of France, is known for its exceptional white wines. Thousands of tons of grapes are harvested here every year, with Sylvaner and Riesling grapes being the most commonly grown.

What Makes Alsace Wine Different?

  • Grapes for elite wines are taken from late harvest, almost completely dried under the sun
  • Wines resemble German products and pair well with German cuisine
  • Often served with fish and some desserts
  • Poured into beautiful, elegant bottles with an elongated long neck

What People Like About Alsace Wine

Wine enthusiasts appreciate Alsace wine for its unique flavors and exceptional quality. The late harvest of grapes results in a wine that resembles German products and pairs perfectly with German cuisine. It's often served with fish and desserts, making it a versatile addition to any meal. The wine is presented in beautiful, elegant bottles with an elongated long neck, adding to the overall experience of enjoying this exceptional wine. Discover the unique flavors of Alsace wine and experience the exceptional quality of French winemaking.