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Wine from the Region of Aglianico Del Vulture

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Allanico Del Vulture Wine: A Guide to Its Flavor and Origin

Allanico grapes are dark and thick-skinned. They thrive in the volcanic soils and warm climate of the Vulture area, producing grapes with excellent structure and tannins.

To be considered an Allanico Del Vulture wine, the wine must be made with at least 85% Allanico grapes grown in the Vulture volcanic area. The remaining percentage can be made up of other local grape varieties.

How Is Allanico Del Vulture Wine Made?

Allanico grapes are harvested in late October and early November. The grapes are then fermented with their skins and left to age in oak barrels for at least two years.

Allanico Del Vulture wine is known for its full-bodied structure and high tannins. It has flavors of dark berries, black currants, and a hint of earthy minerality. The wine is dry with a long finish.

Allanico Del Vulture wine pairs well with rich and savory dishes such as roasted meats, game, and aged cheeses.

Is Allanico Del Vulture Wine Sweet or Dry?

Allanico Del Vulture wine is a dry red wine.

Do You Drink Allanico Del Vulture Warm or Chilled? How Should I Serve Allanico Del Vulture Wine?

Allanico Del Vulture wine is best served at room temperature between 60-68°F (16-20°C).

How Much Alcohol Does a Bottle of Allanico Del Vulture Have?

Allanico Del Vulture wine typically has an alcohol content of 13-14%.

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