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Wine Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017

Wine Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017


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  • Riesling “Lentum”, Melsheimer, Germany, Mosel
  • NC, Durham

Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017

If you are a wine lover who always seeks new experiences, Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017 is a wine that you should try. This German Riesling is a product of the Melsheimer winery, which is located in the Mosel region of Germany. The Mosel valley is famous for its steep vineyards and slate soil, which gives its wines a unique taste and aroma.

Production Method

Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017 is made from 100% Riesling grapes, which are hand-picked and carefully selected. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks, which help to preserve its natural taste and aromas.

Tasting Notes

Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017 has a bright yellow color, with green reflections. Its aroma is a complex blend of fruity and floral scents, including peach, apricot, and citrus. On the palate, the wine is light-bodied, with high acidity and a refreshing finish. Some wine connoisseurs also note a subtle minerality that is characteristic of Mosel wines.

Food Pairing

Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017 is a versatile wine that pairs well with many different types of food. Its high acidity makes it a good match for seafood, sushi, and spicy dishes. It also goes well with chicken, pork, and dishes that have a sweet and sour flavor.

Serving Suggestions

Melsheimer Lentum Riesling 2017 should be served chilled, at a temperature of around 8-10°C. It is recommended to decant the wine before serving, to enhance its aroma and flavor.

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