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Wine Muscat White

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Muscat White Wine: A Sweet and Fragrant Delight

Muscat white wine is made from Muscat white grapes, which are known for their unique flavor profile. The grapes are grown in various countries including France, Italy, Hungary, and the Crimea. The wine's terroir greatly affects the bouquet and taste of the finished product.
  • The wine has notes of tea rose, honey, raisins, aromas of heated stone, wild herbs, and orange peel, depending on the terroir.
  • Sparkling varieties have hints of acacia and lime.
  • Muscat white wine belongs to the fortified liqueur family, which means it is sweet and typically has a higher alcohol content.
The wine is a perfect accompaniment to light desserts, fruit, and can also be used to make refreshing drinks such as punches and krushons.