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Vinovalie Wine

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Discovering Vinovalie Wine: Characteristics, Origins, and Serving Tips

Braucol grapes have a dark color with high levels of acidity and tannins, providing a rich and dark fruit taste. Duras grapes are fruity with a hint of spice and have a medium to high level of tannins, while Syrah grapes offer a black fruit flavor, a spicy taste, and a smoky aroma.

A wine is considered a Vinovalie if it is made using specific grapes, such as Braucol, Duras, and Syrah, and comes from a particular region in France.

Vinovalie wine originates from the Southwest of France, where the soil is clay and limestone and provides an ideal environment for growing the grapes used in the wine.

Vinovalie wine is made by picking the specific grapes and fermenting them. The fermentation process produces the wine's alcohol content, and then the wine is aged in oak barrels to give it a unique character and taste.

Vinovalie wine is a full-bodied red wine that delivers a spicy taste with black fruit notes, providing a well-balanced taste with a high level of acidity perfect for pairing with different foods.

Vinovalie wine pairs well with different types of meat, such as steak, roasted chicken, or lamb. It is also perfect with cheese or dark chocolate.

Vinovalie wine is dry, meaning it has no residual sugar content.

It is recommended to serve Vinovalie wine at room temperature, ideally between 16°C to 18°C, as this allows the wine's flavor and aroma to open up.

A bottle of Vinovalie wine typically has an alcohol content of around 13%.

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