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Vina Carta Vieja Wine

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Vinca Courta Vieja Wine: A Bold and Complex Red Wine from Rioja, Spain

Vinca Courta Vieja wine is a red wine originating from the Rioja region in Spain. This wine is made predominantly from the Tempranillo grape, which is the main grape varietal of the Rioja region. The grapes used to make Vinca Courta Vieja wine are grown in vineyards that are over 30 years old. These mature vines produce a smaller yield of grapes, resulting in a more concentrated flavor profile in the wine. The grapes are harvested by hand and carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality grapes are used for the wine.

The Vinca Courta Vieja wine is known for its bold and complex flavors. It has a deep ruby-red color and aromas of ripe dark fruits, such as blackberries and cherries, along with a hint of vanilla and toasted oak. On the palate, the wine has a full body with silky tannins and a long, lingering finish. This wine pairs well with a variety of foods, particularly grilled meats, stews, and strong cheeses.

Vinca Courta Vieja wine is considered a dry wine, as it has very minimal residual sugar. It is best served at room temperature, around 18-20°C, to allow the flavors to fully develop. A bottle of Vinca Courta Vieja wine typically has an alcohol content of around 13.5%.

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