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Vina Haras De Pirque (Antinori Matte)

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Vina Haras De Pirque (Antinori Matte) is a high-quality wine produced by the Antinori Matte winery, which is renowned for its commitment to creating exceptional wines that offer great value for money. This wine is made from carefully selected grapes grown in the unique Pirque region of Chile, known for its distinct flavor profile.

The grapes used to make Vina Haras De Pirque wine are carefully chosen from the Pirque region of Chile. These grapes are known for their unique flavor profile, which is a combination of fruity and spicy notes. The flavor profile is a result of the region's unique climate and soil conditions, which make the grapes distinctive and flavorsome.

To create this exceptional wine, the winemakers at Vina Haras De Pirque (Antinori Matte) use traditional winemaking techniques. The grapes are carefully handpicked and selected before undergoing a gentle pressing process. The wine is then fermented and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months to enhance its complexity and impart some subtle flavors to the wine.

Vina Haras De Pirque (Antinori Matte) wine has a well-balanced taste with pronounced fruity notes of blackberries, cherries, and currants. Moreover, the wine has a subtle spice character with a soft, velvety finish, which makes it a delightful companion to various food dishes.

This wine pairs exceptionally well with grilled meats, roasted vegetables and rich, flavorful dishes, thanks to its fruity/spicy notes and smooth texture.

This exceptional wine is best served at room temperature, although you can chill it for a refreshing taste on hot days.

A bottle of Vina Haras De Pirque (Antinori Matte) typically contains an alcohol content of 14%.

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