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Verdejo Wine

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Discovering Verdejo Wine: Characteristics, Flavors, and Pairings

Verdejo wine is a white wine from Spain that is grown primarily in the Rueda region. It is made from the Verdejo grape, one of the oldest grape varietals in Spain.

Verdejo wine is a white wine from Spain made from the Verdejo grape, which is known for its thick skin that protects it from high-altitude temperatures and sun exposure.

Verdejo grapes are green-hued with a gross texture and high acidity. They are typically harvested at night to keep their sharp fruit flavors and minerality.

For a wine to be considered a Verdejo, it must be made from at least 85% Verdejo grapes. The remaining 15% can be other white grape varietals.

Verdejo wine is native to the Rueda region in north-central Spain, which is known for its hot climate with cool nights that result in well-balanced acidity in the wine.

Verdejo wine is made using various techniques, including steel aging, oak aging, and blending. The steel-aged wines tend to have a fruitier profile, while the oak-aged wines have a more robust flavor. The blended varieties offer a balance of the two.

Verdejo wine has citrus notes such as lime, lemon, and grapefruit, as well as hints of tropical flavors such as melon and peach. It has a striking mineral quality and a crisp acidity.

Verdejo wine pairs well with seafood, especially shellfish. It also complements grilled fish, sushi, light salads, and spicy foods.

Verdejo wine is dry with a high acidity level.

Verdejo wine should be served chilled, around 7-10°C.

Verdejo wine typically has an alcohol content of 11-13%.

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