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Venica E Venica Wine

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Venica E Venica Wine: A Fine Italian Wine

Venica E Venica wine is a fine Italian wine produced by the Venica E Venica family near Udine in the northeastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The grapes used in making Venica E Venica wine have unique and remarkable characteristics. They are grown in the traditional approach, harvested by hand from 12 hectares of the estate's vineyards, and carefully selected, fermented, and aged to perfection. The grapes' uniqueness is what makes Venica E Venica wine stand out among other wines.

Venica E Venica wine is classified as a dry, full-bodied wine with a tinge of acidity and a bouquet of fresh fruit flavors and floral aromas. This wine's carefully selected grapes and the excellent winemaking techniques employed make the wine robust, fruity, and acidic.

Venica E Venica wine pairs remarkably perfectly with a wide variety of dishes, such as sushi, sashimi, seafood, shellfish, risottos, white meats, simple salads and snacks, and dishes with creamy and cheesy sauces and base, to mention but a few. Its versatility makes it a favorite of many wine lovers.

To enjoy the best of Venica E Venica wine, it is best served chilled, but it can also be served at a slightly warmer room temperature around 16-18°C. The alcohol content of Venica E Venica wine may vary, but most varieties contain an alcohol content of between 13%-14%.

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