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Wine from the Valdepeñas Region

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Valdepeñas Wine: Characteristics, Taste, and Pairings

Valdepeñas grapes are known for having a thick skin that is resistant to disease, as well as a long ripening period that allows for the development of complex flavors and aromas. These grapes are harvested by hand in late September or early October and are then fermented and aged in oak barrels for up to two years.

Valdepeñas wine is known for its full-bodied, rich flavor that is balanced by a firm tannic structure. It contains notes of dark fruit, such as black cherry and blackberry, as well as hints of leather and spice. Valdepeñas wine is typically dry, containing minimal residual sugar.

Valdepeñas wine is a great choice for pairing with red meat dishes, such as steak and lamb. It also pairs well with hearty stews and casseroles, and bold-flavored cheeses.

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