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Wine from the Trento Region

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Trento Wine - Premium Quality Italian Sparkling Wine

Trento wine is a premium quality sparkling wine that comes from the Trentino region in the northern part of Italy. The wine is known for its elegant floral aromas, fruity taste, and fine mousse, making it a popular choice among wine lovers.

The traditional method, also known as the Metodo Classico, is used to produce Trento sparkling wine. This involves a secondary fermentation in the bottle, similar to the method used to produce champagne. The main grapes used to produce Trento wine are Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, and Pinot Bianco, known for their fruity taste and elegant floral aromas. When you drink Trento wine, you can expect a balanced and creamy taste with a vibrant acidity, and persistent bubbles.

Trento wine pairs well with seafood, cheese, and light dishes. As a dry wine, it is served chilled to bring out the flavors and aromas.

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