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Wine from the Toro Region

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Toro Wine

Toro wine comes from the region located in the north of Spain and is famous for its stunning Tinta de Toro wines. The drinks are appreciated by those who like intense taste and aftertaste. Notes of berries and fruit are prominent, as well as flavors of thorns, spices, and tobacco leaves. Among the berries, notes of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries prevail. The alcohol content is a maximum of 15% due to local laws.

What Makes Toro Wine Different

  • Intense taste and aftertaste
  • Notes of berries, fruit, thorns, spices, and tobacco leaves
  • Maximum alcohol content of 15%
  • Grape seeds are added to improve tartness
  • Assortment includes both classic and premium wines

What People Like About Toro Wine

People appreciate Toro wine for its intense flavor profile and unique combination of fruit and spice notes. The addition of grape seeds to improve tartness is also a distinguishing factor. Additionally, the presence of classic and premium wines in the assortment allows for a range of options for different occasions and preferences.