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Tarima Wine

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Tarima Wine: A Delightful Spanish Wine That Should Not Be Missed

Are you a wine lover seeking a unique and astonishing Spanish wine? Look no further than Tarima wine produced by Bodegas Volver in Alicante, Spain. Widely known for its exclusive characteristics and delicate flavors and aromas, Tarima wine is quickly becoming a favorite amongst wine enthusiasts.

Tarima wine is made of 100% Monastrell grapes, exclusively grown in southeastern Spain. This grape's history can be traced back to the 16th century when it was introduced by the Moors. Nowadays, Monastrell grapes are cultivated in the harsh territory of Alicante, with limestone, clay, and sand as the primary components of the soil, which positively affects the wine's flavor profile.

The wine-making process for Tarima wine follows traditional methods. In September, the Monastrell grapes are hand-harvested, and after fermentation, they are aged in French and American oak barrels for six months.

Tarima wine offers a medium body with dark fruit notes, including blackberry, black cherry, and blueberry. The tannins are elegant yet firm, combined with hints of vanilla, spices, and a touch of oak on its finish.

Tarima red wine is a perfect match for grilled meats, roast beef, lamb, and pizza, making it an excellent addition for a dinner party with friends and family.

Tarima wine is dry and best served at 15-16C, just below room temperature, to savor its exquisite taste.

An average bottle of Tarima wine carries an alcohol content of 14%.

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