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Wine Old Tbilisi

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Old Tbilisi Wine

Georgian winemaking traditions ensure that not only is wine made here, but it is also loved. The production process is detailed and drinks are predominantly aged in oak barrels without any artificial additives. Old Tbilisi wine is made from the best grape varieties, and if blending is necessary, only natural ingredients are added to give the wine a unique and pleasant taste and aroma. The Old Tbilisi wine line includes more than a dozen varieties, and the assortment continues to expand.

  • Made from the best grape varieties
  • Aged in oak barrels without any artificial additives
  • Blended with only natural ingredients
  • Offers a unique and pleasant taste and aroma
  • A wide variety of more than a dozen wines

Old Tbilisi wine is highly appreciated for its natural taste and aroma, which can be attributed to the traditional Georgian winemaking techniques followed in its production. The variety of wines offered by the brand also makes it a popular choice for wine lovers.