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St. Pauls Wine

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Are you a wine lover looking for a unique Italian white wine? Look no further than St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine! This wine comes from a small town in South Tyrol and boasts a fruity and floral aroma with a crisp and refreshing taste. Here are some characteristics, food pairings, and serving tips for this delicious wine.

Characteristics of St. Pauls (S. Paolo) Grapes

The grapes used in St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine are primarily Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. Grown in the hilly region of St. Pauls (S. Paolo), the unique microclimate of the area gives the wine its distinct flavor.

How St. Pauls (S. Paolo) Wine is Made

The grapes used in St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine are handpicked and fermented in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged in oak barrels for a few months, which gives it a smooth and velvety texture.

What to Expect in St. Pauls (S. Paolo) Wine?

St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine has a fruity and floral aroma, with hints of apple and pear. It has a crisp and refreshing taste, with a subtle acidity that makes it a perfect accompaniment to a range of dishes.

Food Pairing

St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine pairs well with light seafood dishes, pasta with cream sauce, and chicken dishes. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Is it Sweet or Dry?

St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine is a dry white wine.

How to Serve St. Pauls (S. Paolo) Wine

St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine is best served chilled at a temperature of around 10-12°C. This enhances its crisp and refreshing taste.

Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of a bottle of St. Pauls (S. Paolo) wine is typically around 12.5%.

Where to Buy

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