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Pedro Jimenez Wine

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Pedro Jimenez Wine: Natural Sweet Sherry with Rich Aroma of Dried Fruit, Honey, Chocolate, and Coffee

Pedro JimГ©nez is a natural sweet sherry wine that uses raisined grapes in its production process. It is very different from dry sherries. The grapes are subjected to a special processing technique, and since the must from the fermented grapes is not able to ferment, all the alcohol is added to the drinks during the fortification process. The procedure is performed twice, ensuring continuous blending of the wine. This creates a thick and sweet drink with a strength of 15-22 degrees. It is characterized by a rich, sensual aroma, in which nuances of dried fruit dominate, as well as honey, chocolate, and coffee. People appreciate the unique qualities of Pedro Jimenez wine, particularly its rich and complex aroma, as well as its sweet and thick taste.

What Makes Pedro Jimenez Wine Different:

  • Natural sweet sherry wine made with raisined grapes.
  • Very different from dry sherries.
  • Special processing technique where all the alcohol is added during the fortification process.
  • Double fortification process ensures continuous blending of the wine.
  • Thick and sweet drink with a strength of 15-22 degrees.
  • Characterized by a rich, sensual aroma of dried fruit, honey, chocolate, and coffee.