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Sella And Mosca Wine

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Sella And Mosca Wine: The Perfect Blend Of Taste And Aroma

Sella And Mosca Wine is a blend of two grape varieties – Cannonau and Vermentino. These grapes are handpicked and carefully blended to create a fruity flavored wine with a well-rounded taste.

Cannonau grape, also known as Grenache in France and Spain, is known for its bold flavor and robust tannins. It has a deep red color with a high alcohol content which gives the wine its full-bodied texture. Vermentino, on the other hand, is known for its freshness, acidity, and citrusy aromas. This grape variety is harvested early to preserve its natural acidity, which adds freshness to the wine.

Sella And Mosca wine is a result of combining the two grape varieties in a specific proportion to create a well-balanced wine. The winery's unique terroir and winemaking practices enhance the wine's qualities and give it a unique aroma and taste.

Sella And Mosca Wine is from the Alghero region in Sardinia, Italy. Alghero's coastal location and sandy soil provide ideal conditions for growing grapes.

The grapes are handpicked, destemmed, and crushed before undergoing the fermentation process. Sella And Mosca wine is aged in oak barrels for six months, which gives it its distinct flavor and aroma.

Sella And Mosca wine has a ruby red color with aromas of red berries and violet flowers. The wine has a well-rounded taste with a hint of spice and vanilla from the oak barrels used for aging.

Sella And Mosca Wine pairs perfectly with meat-based dishes, such as roasted lamb and beef stews. It is also a great pairing for creamy pasta and seafood dishes.

Sella And Mosca Wine is a dry wine with a hint of sweetness.

It is recommended to serve Sella And Mosca Wine at a temperature of 18°C to appreciate its full flavor and aroma. You can chill it for 15 minutes before serving to enhance its freshness.

A bottle of Sella And Mosca Wine has an alcohol content of 13.5%. You can buy Sella And Mosca Wine online on the Vi.Wine marketplace. Experience the unique taste and aroma of Sella And Mosca Wine from the comfort of your home. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the best wines available. Treat yourself to a delightful glass of Sella And Mosca Wine and enjoy its unique blend of flavors.