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Chateau Taman Wine

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Chateau Taman Wine

Chateau Taman wine is widely known throughout Russia and even beyond its borders. The brand, which originated in Taman, has long been the benchmark of a good drink. The company produces a variety of sparkling and still wines: red, white and rosé (dry, semi-sweet and semi-dry). You can order them through a reliable serviceVi.Wine.

Chateau Taman winery belongs to the large holding company Kuban Wine. The main advantage is the variety of flavors. Over the past ten years they have won numerous awards at Russian and international competitions.
Château Tamagne is made from different varieties: Sauvignon, Bianca, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Traminer and Chardonnay, using the traditional double fermentation technique, but with distinctive features. Bianca is subjected to wort hyperoxidation, while Riesling and Pinot Blanc are subjected to oxygenation with inert gases (at each stage of production).
For the production of sparkling semi-sweet, the grapes are carefully selected and checked for maturity. The wine material is obtained without pre-pressing, which ensures its richness and naturalness. The pulp is accumulated in vinificators for fermentation. Fermentation is done in steel barrels.
During the making of red wines, they are macerated beforehand in order to obtain a richly colored beverage. In the process they are stirred intensively. For white wines they remove all impurities, and carry out additional clarification. For making collector's drinks the best bunches of grapes are taken, aged for 12 months in oak casks and 36 months in glass in a cool place.

Below are the tasting characteristics:
  1. Color. Red wines have a rich ruby color, while white wines vary in hue from light yellow to golden.
  2. Scent. Each brand line has a distinct scent. It can be a fragrance of wild herbs, tea rose or ripe berries with a touch of juicy fruits, blooming violets.
  3. Taste. There is a juicy, velvety taste. One can feel the honey notes, a pleasant acidity. The collection has notes of blackberry or lime. The aftertaste is persistent (fruity and floral). Strength varies (from 8 to 16%).
On the company websiteVi.Wineyou can choose and buy a drink for any taste, there is a large selection in the catalog. The price depends on the grape variety, region, year of harvest.

Serving directly depends on the type (ruler). For example, red dry ones go well with second courses (game, meat, beans and legumes), while white ones go well with fish, seafood, grilled vegetables and various types of cheese. Dessert ones are ideal for foie gras, sweet fruits and berries. White sparkling wines can serve as an aperitif (serving temperature about 10OC), go well with desserts (for example, tiramisu and cheesecake), pastries.