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Rutherford Company Wine

Rutherford Company wine comes from Napa Valley, California, and specifically from the Rutherford sub-region. It is a top-quality wine that has gained popularity in the market.

The climate and soil of the Rutherford region are ideal for growing Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, which are known for their thick skins, small berries, and intense flavor. These grapes give Rutherford Company wine its unique characteristics.

To be a genuine Rutherford Company wine, the grapes must come from the Rutherford sub-region of Napa Valley. The wine must follow specific winemaking techniques to achieve the unique flavors, aromas, and overall characteristics that define a Rutherford Company wine.

Rutherford Company wine comes from the Rutherford sub-region of Napa Valley, California, a region known for its world-class wines.

Rutherford Company wine is made using traditional winemaking methods like fermentation, aging, and blending. The winemakers use Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the Rutherford sub-region to produce a wine that showcases the terroir of Napa Valley.

Rutherford Company wine is a full-bodied wine with firm tannins and rich flavors of dark fruit like blackberry, black currant, and plum. It has a complex aroma that consists of tobacco, vanilla, and subtle notes of oak. It has a long-lasting finish that leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Rutherford Company wine pairs well with grilled meats, roasted vegetables, and hearty pasta dishes like lasagna. It also complements cheese and chocolate-based desserts.

Rutherford Company wine is dry and has a low sugar content, making it perfect for those who prefer a drier wine.

Rutherford Company wine is best served at room temperature, around 60-68°F. It's best to decant the wine before serving to help it open up and release its full flavor.

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