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Wine of Russia - there is a choice

Drinks in this category are made from grapes grown in the sunniest regions of the country. Wines from Russia have the most diverse flavors, interesting aromas and the whole palette of wine colors. There is a wide range of production years.ServiceVi.Winewill help you choose and order the right drink.

The main wine production in Russia is in the Kuban, Don and Crimean regions.ВTaman zoneKuban has huge wineries:
  • «Фанагория»,
  • «Кубань-Вино»,
  • SVC,
  • «Мильстрим»,
  • «Юбилейная».
The smallest winery of the zone is the Golubitskoe estate. It produces premium drinks at a reasonable price.ВAnapa areaare:
  • «Галицкий и Галицкий»,
  • «Сикоры»,
  • «Новотерра»,
  • «Гай-Кодзор»,
  • «Шумринка».
Major manufacturersBlack Seazones - "Myskhako" and "Abrao Durso".The main wineries of the Don:
  • «Эльбузд»,
  • «Цимлянские вина»,
  • «Арпачина»,
  • «Ведерников».
In Crimea - Alma Valley, Magarach, Vina Kryma, Perovsky Estate, Massandra and others.They all make very good, high-quality products.

The aroma and taste of Russian wines depend on grape variety, color, brand, strength, amount of sugar, aging and region of production.Russian wine products are not inferior to beverages from regions in other countries. In those places where it is produced, there is enough sunshine to grow the best grapes.Russia's most popular products are sweet and semi-sweet. But Russian wineries also produce dry drinks of excellent quality. The Anapa area produces good white dry and semi-dry products.Reds are fresh, pure and fruity. A striking representative is the Gai-Kadzor winery. Their rose wine is fragrant and aromatic.There are white young wines that have bright uncomplicated flavors. One representative of such production is the Jubilee winery.Perovsky Manor products have a unique, beautiful, full-bodied, interesting taste.

Serving Russian wine is no different from serving products from regions in other countries.White dry is better with light light dishes. Acidic - with fatty dishes. Chicken, fish, cheeses, fruit, salads are suitable. White dry dry with high acidity can be served with pork, veal, tenderloin, fatty fish.Reds go well with meats, cheeses and fish. Dry reds will enhance the taste of spicy dishes.Semi-sweet and sweet wines can be bought with very salty dishes. They are also suitable for dishes with bright expressive or very sweet flavors. Sweet drinks are combined with sweet pastries, especially with fat cream, with chocolate.

As all over the world, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Muscat are grown in Russia.But the most popular variety is.Bianca.This is a very simple, neutral, and disease-resistant grape variety.There are also very interesting, unusual, unique varieties.Tsimlyan Black.Grows in the Rostov region. Light, pleasant, juicy, slightly spicy, harmonious, full flavor. It produces excellent reds and very high quality pink wines.Siberian.Cultivated in the regions of the Don. It has a rich golden color, pleasant lollipop-fruit aroma of fresh apples, pears, duchess, exotic fruits.Krasnostopus zolotovskii.Cultivated on the Don. Very powerful, tannic, concentrated, tart.