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Rueda Wine: A Guide to its Characteristics and Pairings

Verdejo grapes have a thick skin, which protects them from the harsh Castilian climate, and produces wines that are aromatic, crisp, and dry. Rueda wines, made from at least 50% Verdejo grapes, exhibit flavors of citrus fruits, herbaceous notes, and a hint of bitterness on the finish.

To be classified as a Rueda wine, it must be made from at least 50% Verdejo grapes, and the rest of the blend can include other authorized white grape varieties.

Rueda wine is from the Rueda wine region, located in the heart of Castilla y León in northwestern Spain. The region is known for its high-altitude vineyards, which maintain the wine's acidity and freshness.

Rueda wines are made using stainless steel tanks, and a combination of traditional and modern techniques, resulting in wines that are both traditional and contemporary.

Rueda wine is known for its fresh, crisp, and aromatic characteristics, with flavors of citrus fruits and herbaceous notes, and a clean, bright finish.

Rueda wine pairs well with seafood, salads, white meats, and spicy dishes, due to its acidity and fresh fruit flavors.

Rueda wine is best served chilled, at around 8-10°C, to enhance its aromatics and acidity.

Rueda wine typically has an alcohol level of around 11-13%, depending on the style of wine. Looking to buy Rueda wine online? Vi.wine marketplace offers a wide range of Rueda wines to suit all budgets and tastes. Order now and experience the best of Rueda wine!