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Crimean Red Wine

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Crimean Red Wine: A Gem from the Black Sea Coast

Crimea is one of the best regions for wine production, with more than ten well-known wineries with an impeccable reputation, such as Massandra, Inkerman, Koktebel, and Novy Svet. Their Cabernet Kachinsky, Massandra Madera, and Inkerman port are some of the must-try wines from the region. Crimean wineries are known for producing sweet and semi-sweet wines, as well as fortified drinks such as port, which has an alcohol percentage of 18-20%. Crimean red wines are rich, complex and full-bodied, with a deep ruby color and aromas of ripe fruits and spices. Each wine connoisseur has their own preference, but here are some of the characteristics that make Crimean red wine unique:
  • Well-balanced sweetness
  • Pronounced aromas of ripe fruits and spices
  • High-quality fortified wines
  • A deep ruby color
  • Rich and complex flavor
Crimean red wine is best enjoyed with meat dishes, hard cheeses, and spicy foods. It's a great wine to sip while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Black Sea coast.