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Queen Maria Wine

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Introducing Queen Maria Wine: The Best of the Balkans

Queen Maria wine is made from the Fetească Albă grape variety which is native to Southeastern Europe. The grape has a thin skin and is characterized by its high acidity levels, making it perfect for making white wines.

Queen Maria wine is made through a process of fermentation and aging. The grapes are picked at their optimal ripeness and then crushed, before the juice is extracted for the fermentation process. It is then aged in stainless steel casks for three to six months before bottling.

When you uncork a bottle of Queen Maria wine, you can expect a crisp, refreshing taste with a fruity aroma. It has a moderate level of alcohol content, making it ideal for a relaxed drinking experience.

Queen Maria wine is versatile and pairs well with a wide range of foods. It is a perfect pairing for grilled vegetables, seafood, light pastas, salads, and white meats. The acidic undertones of the wine complement the natural sweetness of the dishes, resulting in a harmonious and enjoyable dining experience.

Queen Maria wine is dry, refreshing, and has a moderate level of sweetness which makes it a perfect wine for all tastes.

Queen Maria wine is best served chilled. A temperature of around 10-12 °C will allow the fruity aroma, refreshing taste, and crisp acidity to come through.

A bottle of Queen Maria wine has an alcohol content of 12.5% by volume.

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