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Pinot Meunier Wine

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Pinot Meunier Wine: A Carefully Selected Sparkling Wine with Light Fruity Bouquet

Pinot Meunier is made from red grapes and is a sparkling wine for which the raw material is carefully selected and patiently cared for. The drink has a luminous light, and the variety is blended with red wine to make pink champagne. The coloring and tannins are different from Pinot Noir. Due to its low aging potential, there are virtually no mono-varietal wines. But for rosé drinks, the variety is used as a base, adding a light fruity bouquet and a subtle aroma of spice. The wine has a good price point, and winemakers regularly improve the recipe, trying to create something original and interesting. That's why the choice of flavors is quite diverse and can satisfy any demands of consumers.

What Makes Pinot Meunier Wine Different:

  • Carefully selected and patiently cared for raw material.
  • Luminous light and often blended with red wine to make pink champagne.
  • Different coloring and tannins from Pinot Noir.
  • Used as a base for rosé drinks, adding a light fruity bouquet and subtle aroma of spice.
  • Good price point.
  • Diverse choice of flavors to satisfy any consumer demands.