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Patrocinio Wine

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Patrocinio: A Unique Wine-Producing Region in La Rioja

Patrocinio is a small yet significant wine-producing region located in La Rioja, Spain. What makes Patrocinio wines unique is the use of Tempranillo grapes that are grown in this region. In this article, we explore the characteristics, taste, winemaking techniques, and food pairings of Patrocinio wine. We also introduce you to Vi.Wine marketplace where you can buy a bottle of Patrocinio wine online with just a few clicks.

The primary grape variety used in making Patrocinio wines is Tempranillo. These grapes are unique and rich in flavors as they are harvested late in the season. The late harvesting results in richer and more concentrated flavors. The wines produced from these grapes are full-bodied and have a deep ruby color. They have moderate acidity and tannins, making them suitable for aging.

To be a Patrocinio wine, the grapes must meet the strict quality standards set by the winemakers and be grown in the region. Patrocinio wine is traditionally made using traditional winemaking techniques. The grapes are hand-picked and de-stemmed before undergoing fermentation in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the wine is aged in oak barrels for up to two years, which adds complexity and depth to the final product.

Patrocinio wine is complex and intense. It has a fruity aroma with notes of blackberry, plum, and cherry. On the palate, it displays flavors of vanilla, tobacco, and chocolate. The finish is long and spicy. It pairs well with a variety of food, including grilled meats, stews, and strong cheeses. It is a versatile wine that can complement a wide range of flavors and dishes.

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